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Update v1.0 Beta and Modding Introduction


1. Balanced the reward for combat.

2. Tweaked the economy system and adjust the income of the city. 

3. Optimized the frame rate.

4. Optimized AI behavior. When AI were under attack, they will perform suppression fire, inform friendly forces to investigate, call for reinforcement and hide in almost all kind of covers.

5. Improved city maps so that much more tactics can be used.

6. Prepared the modding tools and tutorials and recorded a modding introduction video.

7. Added some small features such as automatic naming of squads, detailed combat result information, more achievements and so on. 

8. The player can get injured after falling down.

9. Some companions require reputation.

10. Stealing and extorting will affect the relationship with a faction.

11. Perfect and repair the relationship between key display and binding.

13. Optimized some UI.

14. Fixed the bug that all AI shooting at the same time.

15. Fixed some localization errors.

16. Repaired the "soldiers not obeying orders bug".

For the next edition we will focus on:

Modding tools, players can use the tool to make their own mods, and upload them to the steam workshop.

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