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The New Roadmap


Recently we were working on finalizing the plans on Freeman and came up with a new roadmap:

1. Add gambling

2. Add weather

3. Improve maps

4. Add artillery

5. Improve the camo system

6. Improve stealth mechanics

7. Improve AI

8. Make weapons feel more different

9. Improve SFX

10. Improve UI

11. Add transfer money function for the faction treasury

But it may take a much longer time than usual because most of our guys are on quarantine and stuck in different cities. So we are hoping for your understanding.

Let us know your thoughts and what feature you are waiting for the most in the comments ;)

We would also love to know your opinion on our trailers, so check them out and pick which you like the most:

a) Story Trailer

b) Gameplay Trailer

c) Original Trailer

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