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Workshop Opened, First Mod Is Live And Modding Tools Coming Soon!

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Hi everyone, We are glad to announce that we have officially opened the Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare Steam Workshop!

You can now download mods for Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare. So far there is only one mod uploaded by us, but with the modding tools that we will release in a couple of days, there will be more and more community-made mods!

You can download mod from the Steam, Nexus or ModDB.

Our modding tools are powerful, you can mod almost everything in the game, including maps, guns, clothes, factions, soldiers, companions and etc. Possibilities for mods are countless. There will be detailed PDF documentation and around 20 step-by-step tutorial videos to help you easily learn how to mod Freeman. Also, our developers will be there to assist you. We look forward to seeing your creativity!

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