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Why less features than before?

Hello everyone!

Recently we got many questions and complains that version 0.222 had much more features than version 0.8. So I decided to explain more details about what happened.

As you remember, it took us quite a long time to prepare v0.8. It was because we were rewriting most of the systems and almost remade the game from the beginning. We did that for being able to add modding, improve optimization (we didn't work on that yet) and to extend possibilities for future development. The game system is much more integrated now with much cleaner coding so our new programmers can get their hands on the project easier.

Features which will come back for sure: companions, night vision goggles, camouflage, binoculars, weather, ability to give med-kit to units, melee weapons, different difficulty mods.

Features under consideration: vehicles, gambling, hospital, ability to give boosting items to units, "follow me" command.

Features which were canceled:  units inventory customization ( so we can improve AI, make different units feel different and for modding, still WIP).

Localization system was one of those which were remade from the most beginning, and we had not enough time yet to polish it or finish translation to other languages, as we were focused on fixing game breaking bugs. We will start to work on it today and will try to finish it ASAP. At the moment only English and Chinese versions are playable.

We are doing our best to make the game better, but it is quite difficult to handle such a massive project as for such a small team, and with so little time. We are hoping for your understanding and patience so that we could make this game better and better.

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3 commentaires

I am understand that , but anyway it is too crazy :(


Bardin Theodorus
Bardin Theodorus
15 mars 2019

You said you canceled:  units inventory customization.

Does this mean that you cant give items like armor or weapons to your squad?


Hey, I heared you need help with translation? I can fully translate the game in german if you want. Write me an Email and we can keep in touch :) E-Mail:

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