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What we have been working on

Hello everyone, We have been busy working on V0.210 and here are a few highlights of this big update. 1. FPS Optimization. 2. Conquerable and manageable small locations. (farms, military camps, small industrial areas, etc) 3. More balanced world conquest. (Smoother campaign gameplay) 4. Saving/Loading time optimization. 5. More scopes. The update will be ready in around one week.

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Tina KKGameStudio
Tina KKGameStudio
Aug 31, 2018

@xxxmor At the near days. We are very sorry for the delay, but our main developer caught cold, so couldn't work for some time. Hope the next update will solve this problem and hope you will enjoy the game :)


i will be happy to know when u r planing to release the new patch !

u said its gonna be around a week and its been 10 days already and no one saying anything about a new release date

the game is currently not working because i got readeon gpu card and from what i understood this patch suppose to solve that problem so as u can understand im pretty much depending on this patch

the game seems like its alot of fun and i really hope ill get to play it as currently i bought it and cant play !!

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