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What we've been working on

Hi everyone,

We just want to give you a hint of what we have been working on for the next big update.

1. Improved game balance and progression curve.

2. Reduced casualty rate and enhanced soldier leveling system.

3. Better trading.

4. World map vehicles to increase travelling speed.

5. Added music for the world map.

6. Added gambling(Blackjack)

7. Generic side missions(Eliminate bandits, deliever items, train soldiers, capture prisoners...)

8. Improved UI.

The ETA for the next update is one week from now. We are aiming to deliever a stable and balanced version this time.

We were a little bit silent for the last two weeks because we were totally focused on preparing the next big update. Thank you for your understanding and patience. See you soon!

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Oscar Cooke-Abbott
Oscar Cooke-Abbott
May 12, 2018

I will never not love how transparent, quick, and meaningful you guys are being in the dev process :D


It's good to heard that , but don't hurry .


May 12, 2018

The trading and missions looks great

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