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We are released! And the First Early Access Version of the FGW is in the test build!

V1.0 Update Content

Fix the problem that some computers can't run the game.

Added confirmation dialog when abandoning the mission.

Bug Fix: Cannot find tools anywhere.

Bug Fix: Ammo disappears when switching to binocular or grenade.

Bug Fix: Unable to exchange prisoners with companion generals.

Optimized the follow-me command. Squads will respond to your call quicker.

When soldier upgrades, their movement speed also increases.

Optimized the friendly garrison AI when defending the city, they will defend more rather than wandering on the map.

SR100 and HMG now use 11.43mm ammo.

Optimized 3 city maps, 4 camp maps, 2 village maps.

Added credit list.

We have also uploaded the First version of the game into separated build so that you can compare from where this game started. To Opt Into the First version build:

Launch the Steam Client. Go to the LIBRARY tab. Right-click on Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare and select Properties. Then click the BETAS tab. Then select "beginning- Freeman Beginning Version" from the drop-down and close the window. Then update the game and you are ready to go. You can opt-out at any time to get the default version of the game.

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That's awesome! Do you have a confirmed date yet for the modding tools?

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