Version 0.212

Change Notes: -Bug Fix: Cursor not locked in windowed mode. -Bug Fix: Soldiers won't move in Korec Factory. -Tweaked a few villages where the player garrison spawned too much in front. -NVG will go to the Misc slot instead of Mask slot. -Vsync option added. -Bug Fix: Sometimes cannot take prisoners after combat. -Bug Fix: Garrison and party count error. -Bug Fix: Can hire more men than the party limit when you have injured units. -Bug Fix: Some SFX not affected by slider. -Improved party limit display. -Bug Fix: Player character goes to low resolution when opening inventory box during combat. -Bug Fix: Running away enemy squads will result in leftover armies on the world map. -Bug Fix: Characters equipment not loaded properly sometimes. -Bug Fix: Neutral faction attack player territory. We will keep working on the main sandbox campaign and make it more balanced for the next update.

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