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Version 0.210- Optimization

Hi everyone, We finally finished version 0.210. As FPS drops became more and more serious after update 0.200, we have decided to focus more on both graphical optimization and code structural optimization. This update cleared the road for future development. Major Changes: -Added 5 conquerable small locations (Factories, military camps, etc). -More balanced campaign gameplay. -Saving/Loading time optimization. -FPS optimization. -Added holographic sight. -Bug Fix: Standing corpses. -Bug Fix: Duplicated companions. -Bug Fix: Neutral faction attacks you after you conquered a town. -Bug Fix: Too many armies on the world map after load. -Bug Fix: FPS drops significantly after long time play. -Bug Fix: Sometimes cannot close the dialog when encountering enemies. Note that due to the major changes in code structure, this update is not compatible with your previous saves. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

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