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Version 0.200 Test Branch Out!

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Hi everyone!

We are almost done with V0.200 which gives a complete graphics and combat experience overhaul.

We re-made all the maps, including all towns. We improved the time of day system(Realistic sky, lighting, fog, etc).

We improved combat AI. Siege and defense combat is much more intense now because soldiers will take advantage of urban terrain(hiding in buildings, behind cover, making close combat possible)

We also improved UI and weapon handling (Smoother feeling when aiming with sights).

While we are still working on it, we have just released the beta version of V0.200 and you can try it out now!

To Opt Into the Test branch:

Launch the Steam Client. Go to the LIBRARY tab. Right click on Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare and select Properties. Then click the BETAS tab. Then select "test-Test Version" from the drop-down and close the window. Then update the game and you are ready to go. You can opt out at any time to get the default version of the game.

You can also check out this gameplay by Reformist, which will let you see how this version feels like :)

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1 Comment

Aug 01, 2018

Game is f****g gorgeous


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