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Version 0.2 Out: Graphic overhaul, combat improvement and custom flags!

Hi everyone,

We have uploaded version 0.200! This update gives a complete graphics, maps and combat experience overhaul. We remade all game maps, including all the town maps(more locations coming in future update!). We also refined combat AI, especially the siege/defence AI. Troops defending the town will take advantage of urban terrain and covers. We also added upload your own flag option.

To upload your own flag. First create a new folder named "flags" and put the folder in C:/Users/User Name/AppData/LocalLow/KK Game Studio/Freeman_ Guerrilla Warfare/.

(If you cannot find this folder, it may be Hidden by default). Then put your flag images(.png format, size 256*190) in the flags folder and restart the game.

Major Changes:

-Much more detailed skirmish maps and town maps.

-More realistic lighting and beautiful skies.

-Improved gun handling.

-More aggressive world map AI(Enemy forces attack you more often).

-Improved UI.

-Garrison troops will automatically take defensive positions during a siege.

-Improved combat AI.

-Custom flag.

We also have made a new trailer! So check it out and let us know your thoughts about it ;)

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Сайт стал ещё красивее с данным дизайном! Очень жду нового обновления и многооо контента. Очень надеюсь на вас, не подведите! :)

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