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Version 0.110 Uploaded

Patch Notes

1. Basic weapon customization(Attach scopes. More options will come in future updates)

2. Loot more guns

3. Rebind key of squad selection

4. Default key of quick save and quick load are changed to F9 and F12 to avoid conflict with default squad selection keys.

5. Reduced the auto combat casualties.

6. Bound map scrolling keys to the character movement keys.

7. Uman bandits grenades instant kill bug fixed.

Got slaughtered by Uman terrorists' grenade bombardment? It is time to put on the optics and revenge! For the next few updates, we will work on bug fixing, balancing, ability to hire/capture other faction's unit and maybe simple missions.

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1 Comment

I purchased this game recently during a Steam sale and was very surprised at the interesting mix of Arma and Mount&Blade. I was also a huge fan of the scopes in the game at the time; unfortunately, I played a bit today to try the new update and came across a few problems that I was having. Firstly, the original iron sights of weapons seem to be orientated incorrectly in a way that looks a bit odd (it also blocks a good portion of my sight when using the acog or red dot, i have not tried any other sights but with these, this was happening) with or without a sight. Another thing that I guess isn't quite a prob…

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