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V1.32 Update Changelog


- New Battle Maps. Four new battle maps are available now.

- Improved graphics on the world map and battle map.

- Improved graphics for impact effects.

- Added Army difficulty indicator on the world map.

- Players can rearrange items in inventory now.

- Auto-sort function for player’s inventory can be turned on/off in the Store.

- New reactions added. When an AI takes hit, it will respond with new reaction movements, which allows players to clearly know the result.

-When selling items in a market place, players can turn on the auto-sort function, which allows faster trading.


- Increased exp, money and loot drops from fighting Looters and Mountain Bandits.

- Decreased difficulty for outlaw factions.

- Adjusted some soldiers’ armor and outfit.


-Optimized the operation menu of the steam workshop, added information about publishing Mod state, and improved the publishing process.- Customized trajectories for each bullet type, in order to improve graphics.

- Removed the option to attach a silencer to SV98M and Thompson.

-Adjusted the damage speed of bulletproof vests and helmets in the game. Now hitting by different weapons, the same armor will last differently.

-Trees, bushes, leaves and their shades now block AI soldier's sight more effectively than before. Players are now encouraged to unitize the terrain, therefore creating various battle plans, such as ambush, and supersizing counter-attack.

-Optimized the graphics of trees and stones in general in the battle maps.

-Optimized the graphics of trees and stones when taking hit in the battle maps.

Bug fixes:

-Soldiers sometimes stand under the battle map during the fight.

-Gambling sometimes doesn't give rewards and occasionally displays customized weapons. - Black market generates no items after loading the game.

- Wrong world map army position after loading the game.

- AI armies stop spawning in new campaign mode.

- Duplicating item when equipping the soldier from Special Item Slot.

- Soldiers occasionally spawned under the ground, in the bandit camp map.

- Occasionally showing tutorial text when activating hint windows.

-Alpha Force fails to invade after players unified the land.

-Soldiers showing gun-holding gestures while not equipping guns, in the Party interface.

-Not showing vegetation on the World Map.

-Missing weapon or item while loading customized MOD.

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1 則留言


I was almost having fun with duplicating weapons haha.

But anyway, very nice work guys! I just miss some SMG for the tokarev ammo, I think only a pistol uses it so far. I might be wrong, but... a PPSH would solve that.

As an old timer, I miss the mosin and gewehr rifles, but the game looks beautiful indeed, and I love the new campaing modes. Hope my pc can still handle it after this update! hehe

Keep on this great work

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