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v0.82 Patch Notes

NOTE: This build will be temporary in test version as we got a bug which doesn't load previous saves and it will take quite some time to figure out what happens. Bug Fix: Can't leave combat after you defend your town.

Bug Fix: Garrison disappears after a while.

Bug Fix: Loosing too many troops from friendly fire.

Bug Fix: Enemy take your town back too fast in auto-combat, doesn't have enough time to react.

Bug Fix: Some recruitable squads don't have visual, but can talk to.

Bug Fix: Injured troops won't recover in cities.

Bug Fix: Can go through some big buildings.

Bug Fix: Too much go, go, go on the radio.

Bug Fix: svd scope mouse sensitivity can't be adjusted.

Bug Fix: Auto-combat won't stop immediately after you join three-way combat.

Bug Fix: annoying red text when your city is under attack.

Bug Fix: You can make a profit by buying discounted goods and selling them to the gun trader in the same town.

Bug Fix: Mission of training soldiers doesn't work. Bug Fix: Multiple same types of missions won't progress.

Russian localization improved.

You can adjust SFX volume now.

Enemies won't attack your town every minute.

You can add a separate scope for the secondary weapon.

Added night vision goggles.

Added 2 male hairs.

You can right-double click on the strategy map to place a destination marker now.

Player earn+10 weapon points for each marksmanship point.

Tweaked some gun's handling.

Tweaked some gun's SFX.

Improved marksmanship's influence on recoil.

For the next few updates, we will polish city building and add companions back.

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