v0.82 Patch Notes

NOTE: This build will be temporary in test version as we got a bug which doesn't load previous saves and it will take quite some time to figure out what happens. Bug Fix: Can't leave combat after you defend your town.

Bug Fix: Garrison disappears after a while.

Bug Fix: Loosing too many troops from friendly fire.

Bug Fix: Enemy take your town back too fast in auto-combat, doesn't have enough time to react.

Bug Fix: Some recruitable squads don't have visual, but can talk to.

Bug Fix: Injured troops won't recover in cities.

Bug Fix: Can go through some big buildings.

Bug Fix: Too much go, go, go on the radio.

Bug Fix: svd scope mouse sensitivity can't be adjusted.

Bug Fix: Auto-combat won't stop immediately after you join three-way combat.

Bug Fix: annoying red text when your city is under attack.

Bug Fix: You can make a profit by buying discounted goods and selling them to the gun trader in the same town.