Update Version 0.931 - Companions, optimization, AI...

Hello everyone,

We have released the official version of 0.93. We have fixed a lot of bugs based on the feedback of the test version, such as the extra large enemy's visual range, one bullet insta kill and so on. we also optimized the behavior of AI soldiers, such as when the squad encounters hostiles, units in the rear will also actively move to the front and engage, or for example when the player gives the move order, the engaging team will try their best to move instead of always lying on the ground. The main updates are as follows. 

1. Companion System

Companions like Anna can be hired from town pubs or captured in battles. We added personality dialogues to each of our companions. Through dialogue, you can get interesting information about their background stories, personalities, hobbies and so on. At the same time, players can improve their friendliness by chatting with them and giving them gifts. Enhanced friendliness can unlock more conversations and interactions - such as love. We added the gift shop, and players need to discover each companion's preferences through dialogue in order to buy the right gifts. Except for these entertaining interactions, companions are also of great significance to the game-play itself. You can organize them into your own team like soldiers, or you can make them independent from you and let them lead their own army, helping you to attack and defend cities. Each companion has different skills. Some are suitable for combat, some are suitable for leading, and some are suitable for managing towns. These skills include leadership, tactics, financial skills, town management and so on. Different companions have different requirements for joining, some need a large commission, some requires high reputation. After the campaign is complete, each companion will also have a corresponding ending. The stories are only 20% done, and we will keep working on it.