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Update V0.943

Hello everyone,

We have uploaded the V0.943. 

The major changes are as follows:

  • Fixed the issue that the game runs incorrectly after loading the game (this is due to API incompatibility and we have fixed it)

  • Increased maximum level cap of soldiers to level 15 again.

  • Adjusted price and armor value for helmets and vests.

  • Faction armies' level (different faction troops have different initial levels)

  • Added game tutorials(work in progress)

  • Some UI optimizations (we will continue to improve the UI and user experience in the following updates)

  • Right mouse button to rotate cameras.

  • Fixed some localization errors.

  • Game Tips during loading.

  • Black market appears randomly according to player's level.

  • Resource Points have a chance of dropping high level props.

  • List of goods produced in cities.

  • Two new skirmish maps were added.

  • Added army's strength comparison display for auto-combat so the player can understand the probability of winning the auto-combat.

  • Fixed a few bugs reported from the v0.943 test version.

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