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Update v0.94 Group combat, combat AI and game balance

Hi everyone,

We have released version 0.94. We have added many things and made many adjustments in this build. The major changes are as follows.

-Group Combat: Your companion generals and allies will join your combat when near and enemy armies nearby will also join combat as reinforcement.

-Added trading convoy: You will see trading convoys on the world map and you can rob them.

-Added auto-equip function (Automatically pick up the most suitable weapons and armors for your squad members)

-Added auto-refill squad function (Automatically refill your squad with unassigned units)

-Added all-attack and all-go-to commands for companions for the player to quickly order companion generals to attack a city or gather near a city.

-Added the faction's military strength and finance chart for the player to easily compare each faction's performance.

-Added quick-sell-junk function.

-Optimized the Party UI's refreshing speed and the combat map spawning speed. (Fixed the frequent memory leak during spawning of soldiers).

-Added the mayor system(AI factions and you can assign generals as mayor of a city. Mayors will auto-manage the city, build and fix buildings and recruit garrison).

-Optimized enemy AI (Now they can flank you, charge at you and so on).

-Balanced the game (Added more low-level enemies and balanced the economy and difficulty).

-Balanced the looting system(During a joint operation, you can only get your share if you contribute)

-Save all status of AI armies (For example, when the enemies are sieging your city or in combat, all these status will be saved if you load the game).

-Added different difficulty levels.

We have also fixed many bugs, a few major ones are as follows.

-Disappearing inventory items after load.

-Items won't disappear after delivering a collecting mission.

-You will get a city after helping a faction attacking the city.

-Game frequently crashes during deployment phrase or managing squads.

-Disappearing mercenary camp after some time during the game.

-Key-mapping gets reset to none if you have corrupted save file bug.

For the next build, we will keep working on a few new features and keep polishing the current ones. We will keep improving game balance, player experience, sound effects, and UI.

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