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Update V0.193 (new maps & bug fixes)

Change Notes:

-Zone based combat map.

-Added 1 desert map and 1 mountain map.

-Added option to disable hit-marker.

-Reduced AI sighting distance.

-Added female player voice.

-Faction flags redesigned.

-Added a few new flags.

-Bug Fix: AI armies prevent the player from clicking the city.

-Bug Fix: Pay passage fee too low.

-Bug Fix: Blank missions.

-Bug Fix: Item details window cut in half on the right side of the screen.

-Bug Fix: Hit-marker not working in short distance.

-Bug Fix: Can see AI armies' info even when they are invisible on the map.

-Bug Fix: Take out weapon SFX isn't affected by SFX slider.

-Bug Fix: Shell casing bouncing SFX isn't affected by SFX slider.

-Bug Fix: Soldiers go crazy after putting on gloves.

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1 Comment

Love the direction this game is heading in.

Keep it up!

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