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Update V0.121 Uploaded

Hi everyone! We have fixed a couple of bugs in this patch and added more detail to the skirmish map(Some buildings, terrain details, roads...). We also added localization to the system. So far only English and Chinese are available but we will add more languages in the future. The next update we will probably add simple mission system as well as regular bug fixes. For people who require resolution options which the game currently doesn't support, we will do more research on it and get the appropriate monitor for testing.

Patch Notes:

-Bug Fix:Shaky Scopes

-Bug Fix:Fixed most of the inaccurate weapons(scopes and iron sights)

-Bug Fix:Night Vision Goggles resets armor

-Bug Fix:NVG automatically turns on/off

-Bug Fix:Garrison menu can't be scrolled down when you have a lot of garrisons.

-Bug Fix:Pop up window after exiting the combat and cannot be closed.

-Bug Fix:You can command your squads even after you died bug.

-Bug Fix:Cannot deploy squads(not responding)

-Bug Fix:Soldiers flying, not moving or daydreaming.

-Directional/Spatial sound added.

-Adjustable environmental SFX(rain, thunder...)

-More details on the skirmish maps

-Cancelled the red zone and instead used red arrow markers to suggest the approximate direction of the enemies.

-Skirmish AI improved(Better sound detection, call reinforcement)

-Time flows slower on the world map

-Localization option(the Chinese language added)

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