The final road map

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Hello everyone,

We have been working on finalizing the design of Freeman for quite some time and here is what's left to make this game complete. 

  • Diplomacy: Events that will increase/decrease the relationship with each faction. And consequences of changing the relationship.

  • Different game modes: (TBD)

  • Defensive Structures: Ability to build town defensive structures (such as a mortar pit) for better town defense.

  • Multiple saving slots.

  • Autosave

  • Sell prisoners.

  • End of the campaign result window.

  • Add more locations.

  • Total balancing of the game.

  • Training ground.

  • Sound effects.

  • Finalize UI.

  • Localization.

  • Game tutorial.

  • Optimization.

  • Extension to the roadmap

For the next update, we are going to focus on diplomacy and fixing existing bugs.