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Some details of the upcoming update

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since our last announcement and we are finally ready to share with you some details of our upcoming update.

We were taking a lot of time thinking and finalizing the game features as we are planning for the next update to be feature complete, fix bugs, polish game balance and add more content.

Today we want to share with you our extended world map.

We have added many new types of locations which you can visit on the world map. They are not conquerable but will bring many interactions.

  • Village: Hire cheap militia squads, take village specific missions, steal, and more.

  • Black Market: Purchase high-end items.

  • Mercenary Camp: Recruit high-level mercs.

  • Bandit Outpost: Destroy it and get awesome loot.

  • Mine: Loot if you defeat the guards.

We also remade the world map to adapt these new features and made combat map based on world terrain possible.

From now on we will keep you more updated about the development, so stay in touch 😉.

Thank you a lot for the patience 💚

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