Soldier customization, AI, Optimization and much more in v0.90

Hello everyone,

We have just released v0.90. There are a lot of things that we have been working on for this update. A few major things are:

1. Soldier customization Yes, we have added it back. The reason why we canceled it in the previous updates were because of modding and balancing. But we have found solutions for that, so we gladly added it back. The change is that if you want to hire a soldier with equipment, you will also need to buy their equipment, which is expensive, or you can hire them without equipment. This has a significant impact on the economy of course, but we have also tweaked the economy system to balance everything out. Now you would feel much more like a real guerrilla leader, starting from nothing and struggling to equip each of your guys. When a soldier levels up, they won't level into a new "Class", instead, they will gain attribute points. For example, a Pozna sniper will earn about 1 point in marksmanship and 10 points in rifle efficiency every time he levels up. Looting will be the primary source of getting equipment for your army.

2. World Map AI and Economy

It is still a work in progress. Each faction will have a starting budget, and they will use it to hire troops. AI factions will make money from city taxes and through combat. If a faction lost a city, its economy would be influenced, and it will likely result in a drop of army size. Factions with more cities will have a stronger and stronger economy and may dominate the world. And for the player, it is also true because in the late period of the game the player will need a large amount of finance to sustain a considerable army, which can only be achieved efficiently by owning cities. As for improvements in world map AI. NPC armies will no longer roam randomly. They will guard their cities, patrol near their villages, scout another faction's cities, join combat and etc.