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So what can you do in cities?

Hi everyone,

Today we want to share with you some information about the improved city management system which we are working on recently.

As we mentioned in the previous announcement, we have added many types of locations on the world map such as villages which are fun to explore, but cities are still the most important and frequently visited location in the game.

In a city, you can:

1. Visit the bar: Meet companions, take quests, sleep, sell prisoners...

2. Visit the barrack: Hire troops

3. Visit the market: Buy weapon, armor, trade items.

Once you have your own city, you can do much more...

1. Build many types of city buildings to increase the economy, population, security, and happiness of the civilian.

2. Build defensive structures such as MG nest. (They will be automatically placed on strategic locations during the siege)

3. Put garrison troops.

4. Collect tax.

The city's tax generation depends on the population and economy level. Certain types of buildings such as a factory can increase the economy level. But you also need to pay attention to basic civil infrastructures such as a park and a hospital to keep your people satisfied because If your city has very low happiness level, civilians may riot, burn buildings and even form a rebel army to take over your city.

Some buildings have special functions, for example, a fire station can reduce damage in case of a fire event; a police station can reduce damage during a riot; a marksman's training school will unlock Freedom Sniper Squad for you to hire in the barrack.

Cities will give you great economical boosts to maintain a bigger army and conquer the world. But only if you can manage it and defend it. 😉

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