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Patch V0.162

Patch Notes:

-Fixed some scopes.

-Sometimes the hitmarker doesn't show.

-Injured units cannot enter combat.

-Bug Fix: Disband unit bug fix.

-Party window UI improvements.

-Show equipment info when hovered on the npc equipment slots.

-Replaced Mosinka model.

-Bug Fix: Glove icon won't display when equipped.

-Bug Fix: Garrison units doesn't save.

-Bug Fix: Some localization bugs.

-Bug Fix: Companion disappeared after getting injured in combat.

-Bug Fix: The world map icons disappeared before entering the combat.

-Add 2 more small maps.

We will keep hunting down bugs and improving the current features.

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3 comentários

KK Game Studio
KK Game Studio
26 de abr. de 2018

@ousiavazia Thank you, we will work on this.

AKM and AK74M are similar atm, but we will make it more different.


24 de abr. de 2018

oh, forgot to tell you: I LOVED THE NEW SKIRMISH MAPS!!!!


24 de abr. de 2018

Lovin' it!

some sugestions (more or less cosmetic):

stack small itens (even if just like five at the most) AND/or reduce price of the clothes that aren't military. i've lost immersion when a makarova couldn't pay for new pants.

and a question: i couldn't see the difference between the AKM and the AK74M but the price...

keep on! thank you guys very much

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