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Patch V0.122 and the big upcoming update

Hi everyone, this is a quick patch to fix a few things and added a few features.

Patch Notes:

-Minor changes on the skirmish map(removed some structures)

-Resumed the red dot enemy marker.

-Fixed the shaky shadows. (Separated the main camera and the weapon camera to allow accurate rendering)

-Guns no longer poke through the walls or the ground.

-Added Binocular. -Added Flashlight attachment.

-Added a progress bar when using the medkit.

-Optimized the world map and the strategy map FPS.

-Updated the instructions(work in progress)

The Next Update:

The next update will be a big one and we need more than one week to finish it.

The main thing we will work on is a more world map strategy system. Factions will be more dynamic on the world map, for example, attack other factions army and lay siege to their towns. AI factions will also operate based on the economic system and will not spawn without limit (If they lose their cities, they will lose money and would not be able to hire more troops, etc). We will also add the basic companion system. You can find them in towns. They act similar to your squads but they have their own customizable equipment slots. For example, some of them can call off-map artillery support. Also, we will unlock the commanding skills to allow more units be deployed to the battlefield.

We are bringing in more developers at the beginning of March so we will have extra hands to work on various issues. At the moment, our resources are still very limited but we are working really hard to make things roll forward. And we are sure that with all the efforts and the community support, this game will soon get to a new level.

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