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Patch Notes v0.213

-Garrisoned units still spawn in front of enemy. -Garrison not showing up sometimes -If a squad retreats from combat, then you can no longer use that party during the next fight. -The garrison trying to flee but they can't move. -Amount of people in enemy squad shown wrong. -Time stops when resting in hotels. -Can over-limit squad members if have injured and add people from prisoners. -Party counter not shown correctly. -If press fast deployment, troops which were fleeing will re-deploy. -Completing the quest to deliver Troops to a Town, troops disappeared but limit of troops don't lower and they remain as unassigned. -Fleeing away enemies sit, not moving and then get killed. -Guns never have a full magazine at the beginning of the battle -Rifle silencer is not shaded red when equipping VIM sniper rifle while rifle itself is not compatible with silencer. -After entering the combat and while in the deployment phase, if you do nothing the battle will not start but your health bar will keep on replenishing -If select squads with selection box and ask them to follow me they will not follow. -After destroyed a faction, leftover squads will not be recognized as enemy. -VIM scope not aligned. -Made a night map brighter.

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