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Patch Note V0.911

-Eliminate the Looter mission doesn't give rewards.

-6x scope sensitivity won't work.

-Right-click to unequip weapon's when inventory is full will destroy the weapon.

-Trader inventory display only half of the items.

-Looted items sometimes will go into the trader's inventory automatically.

-Pressing ESC key during combat will force you back to the world map.

-Data window is scaled wrong.

-Bug Fix: Scope sometimes disappears after load.

-Bug Fix: Customizable equipment for NPCs DISAPPEAR if they lack the skills to equip it.

And all that was in the test version also:

-Fixed the loading crash bug.

-Slightly reduced memory usage.

-Improved loading game speed.

-Added the ESC button to quit all UI menus.

-Improved world map AI: chasing and running away logic.

-Added overweight system: On the world map, if the player carries too much stuff, it will go overweight.

-Soldiers with higher level will have reduced death rate(Injured than killed)

-Reduced NPCs sighting range during the night, sunset and sunrise.

-Rest in the hotel will require you to pay per day.

-Added more mercenary camps.

-Added headshot indicator.

-Added level indicator of enemy armies. (Shown when your mouse hover on the enemy army)

-Bug Fix: Cannot exit the village while stealing or extorting.

-Bug Fix: Time won't stop when visiting the mercenary camp.

-Bug Fix: World camera moves too fast when resting in the hotel.

-Merchants have more items to sell.

-Adjust the crouching height to be slightly higher.

-Bug Fix: .50Cal supplies only 15 ammo.

-Added some higher tiers troops in the barracks.

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