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Patch 0.81 Updated

Bug Fix: when defending city can't close strategy map and timer is on 0:00

Bug Fix: can't defend a city, you stuck on combat map without deployment zone.

Bug Fix: people (dealers) inside the cities disappearing when you enter the bar and marketplace.

Bug Fix: Can't leave battlefield sometimes.

Bug Fix: lost the ability to control my troops from the map orders in battle after loading the game.

Bug Fix: can't sell prisoners

Bug Fix: can't give commands to the squad which has injured soldiers

Bug Fix: Prisoner attempts left became -1

Bug Fix: Can't put full 15 garrisons in city

Bug Fix: City buildings don't show the full tooltip

Bug Fix: After save and load can't add prisoners to my party.

Bug Fix: Sometimes you will stay in jail forever

Bug Fix: Extortion doesn't have the limit

Bug Fix: Always steal the same kind of item from the village.

Bug Fix: Many quest related bugs such as wrong description, wrong exp.

Bug Fix: Auto-combat doesn't count ally forces.

Bug Fix: Merchants disappeared after a while.

Bug Fix: All villages have cheap coffee beans.

Bug Fix: Armor on right bottom on world map show 0.

Bug Fix: Amount of soldiers in AI armies displayed wrong.

Bug Fix: You can kill your own troops or ally troops and get exp.

Bug Fix: When upgrading units, the upgraded units won't refresh.

Bug Fix: If you join to the siege of the city, and want to help for some faction, it puts you to fight with this faction (for which you wanna help).

Bug Fix: Save and load the game some AI faction will become yours.

Bug Fix: Reputation never saves.

Bug Fix: Missions timer won't go down.

Bug Fix: Cannot finish some type of missions or cannot see a progress update.

Bug Fix: Some villages can be looted twice.

But Fix: Missing wounded troops.

Bug Fix: Giant Ragdoll.

Bug Fix: Sorting button doesn't always work.

Bug Fix: Many loading/saving related bugs such as unsaved weapon points.

-Game balancing: Added smaller looter groups, night combat visibility for AI, quest gains more, combat gains more. Tweaked troops price, salary, and balance.

-Reduced chance of getting attacked while investigating farms, mines, etc.

-You can take multiple quests from cities and villages.

-Added desertion event. Your troops may desert if they have bad morale.

-AI factions can dynamically wage war or cease fire between each other.

-Salary will be paid per week instead of per day.

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Tina KKGameStudio
Tina KKGameStudio
Mar 15, 2019

@Amir Rocker thank you! will do our best💚


Amir Rocker
Amir Rocker
Mar 14, 2019

Thanks team! Just want tell how much i enjoy playing freeman. Keep up the awesome work!

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