Overhaul in progress

Hello everyone, In the last announcement we mentioned that we are working an overhaul of the game that will bring more improvements to the final product. Today we want to share with you a few things that we having been working on so far. Gunplay We are completely reworking on the current weapon and aiming system to bring a much more satisfying feeling of gunplay. We have replaced most of the gun models with their HD counterparts and made each gun feel unique (Recoil, Sound, Bullet speed and muzzle flashes). We have also improved the sound effects (Spatial sounds and gunshots sound differences depends on distance). We have polished scopes and added more scopes with different magnifications.

AI AI has been significantly improved in many aspects. Now their hiding ability has been improved and they proceed with much more caution. They can now also use improved tactics such as flanking. Squads have also been reworked. For example, a sniper squad will now consist of only two people and their long-range capabilities have been improved.

Terrain Our terrains are now much more detailed, bigger and different. The new terrains will bring more possibilities for practicing different tactics and makes the gameplay fresh and alive.