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New event system

Hi everyone,

Today we want to introduce our new event system. To make the world map more dynamic and engaging, we have added more than 40 different events.

There are three categories of event.

1. City Events.

2. Diplomacy Events.

3. World Map Events.

City Events

Once you have your city, many events could happen based on the status of your city. For example, if the happiness level of the citizen is very low, it is highly possible for criminal events such as robbery and riot to happen and could cause significant damage to the economy. Certain buildings can prevent harmful events from happening, for example building a fire station can reduce the chance of the City On Fire event and police station can reduce the rate of criminal incidents. Positive events such as Civilian Joining The Army or Civilian Help You Build The City(So the construction time will be significantly reduced) can happen if the citizens are happy.

Diplomacy Events

The event system mainly drives the diplomacy system of the game. If your relationship with a faction is below the threshold, the faction may declare war on you. On the other hand, if the relationship with this faction is excellent, they may provide you with many support such as artillery support, attack helicopter support. They may also ask you for something in return, for example asking for funding of their next military campaign.

World Map Events

Randomly generated world map events such as generated bandit camps, black markets, mercenary camps, destroyed convoys, and many others, will make the exploration much more fun. Moreover, some of these events can bring great benefit. For example, a successful attack on the bandit camp can not only bring you unique loot but also dramatically increases your reputation.

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