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Mission system and the update ETA

Hello everyone,

Today we want to introduce our improved quest system and also discuss with you about what kind of quests you would like to see in this game. 

In the previous quest system, you can only take missions from the mission board in cities. But now you can take missions from multiple sources: in the bar from the bounty agent(city), from companions and from villages. There are generic missions and pre-set missions.

Generic missions are similar to what we had before, but with new varieties, for example, "destroy bandit bases" or "find and capture lost animals and return them to the village." 

Pre-set missions are designed and will only trigger once. For example, an army of Uman terrorists invaded this land, and you need to destroy them on people's behalf. Completing this kind of missions will usually give you more unique rewards, such as reputation or achievements. 

Missions will add more dynamic and fun to the world of Freeman. And we are still looking to add more variations. Do you have any thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

Also, we want to clarify the ETA of the next game update. Since we have added much more content than we originally planned, this update has taken much more time than expected. But we are doing our best to release a playable version at the end of February.

So see you soon. 😉

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