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Introducing the Official Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare Wiki!

Over the last week, we have been working with Curse, the power behind the Gamepedia platform to develop an official community Wiki. A lot of work has already gone into this Wiki to build a strong foundation. We have most of the weapons, items, accessories and information present to get you all started. But now we turn over the Wiki itself to our community for you to expand on what already exists, and also continue to build upon as FGW's development moves forward.

The best thing about the partnership with Gamepedia? All members of the community will be able to contribute without having to learn wikimarkup. Instead Gamepedia uses Visual Editor, which provides a WYSIWYG interface. But don't worry if you still prefer wikimarkup, this is still available for the more advanced Wiki page creators out there. We recommend you also create an account so you can track your edits. All that is required is a Twitch account.

We look forward to the community building this Wiki with us. And for it to be the primary reference point for new and veteran players alike.

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