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Hotfix v0.951

The 0.951 update is as follows:

  • Bug fix: Cities and villages have wrong urgently needed props from what bartenders say.

  • Bug fix: Sometimes Convoys appear in city garrison.

  • Bug fix: Changing WASD buttons for controlling Strategy Map don't work to the World Map as well.

  • Bug fix: Can't use some new guns after you equip them.

  • Bug fix: Squad moves to the side from the Deployment Zone after you deploy them.

  • Bug fix: consistent Military Shirt and Jungle Shirt texture. 

  • Bug fix: Binocular sound effect.

  • Bug fix: Hit-Marker shows when you are shooting dead bodies.

  • Modify some props icons.

  • Improved English and Russian localization. The next version focuses on:

  • More efficient AI intelligence, improve AI response speed, and countermeasures.

  • Add new guns and adjust current gun feel and balance data.

  • Add new cities, villages, strongholds, skirmish maps, etc.

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