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FGW game intro

Hello everyone, I bet a lot of people are wondering What makes Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Unique. So let's jump into the game and take a deeper look into it ;)

First of all, FGW blends tactical First Person Shooter with elements from grand strategy games and RPGs. The game is divided into the world map part and the combat part.

On the world map you can trade, recruit and upgrade soldiers, buy equipment, take missions, attack other factions and plan your strategy to conquer the world. Your character will gain experience and level up through combat, so you can assign attribute points to make you and your army stronger.

The combat part seamlessly merges real time strategy with FPS gameplay. During the combat, you can issue direct orders(such as charge and retreat) to your squads and design tactics through the strategy map. And you will also join the combat as a foot soldier in first person mode. The player can choose to play more like a commander, and spend more time on strategy or jump into the battlefield and fight like a hero, it is all based on your preferred play style. Combat is highly re-playable due to the random starting point, terrain, objective and AI. Enemies will also try different strategies such as flanking, ambush or all out assault.

We are aiming to create a highly re-playable game experience that every combat and every game feels different. How you will make money to raise a mighty army, what tactics you will use to win a combat and how you will conquer the world is all up to you. Every decision you make and every action you take will have impact, on your way to victory.

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