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Expansion of the dev team and new progress

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Hi everyone,

We are glad to announce that we have expanded our dev team! Based on the experience we have gained from this year of intensive development, we have learned what is essential for this game and what our studio needs the most to bring this game to its maximum potential. Therefore we feel that it is the time to bring in more people to go much further in development and unlock features which couldn't be done by just 3 people. So far, we have in total 4 programmers and 1 artist working on various modules of the game. And we have been working great with each other.

Recently, we are working on many things at the same time.

-Features such as joining combat of other fighting armies. You can select which side you want to help, and it will affect the relationship with certain factions.

-Improving sound effects: Spatial sound effects. (Distant gunshot and explosion sounds duller)

-Adding guns and scopes and improving old ones. We have added some new weapons such as SVD, TT33 pistol, striker shotgun, AUG...We have also added several scopes such as the PSO scope for the SVD and AS VAL.

-Player's and NPC's outfits will be shown on the world map. 

-You can talk to the bartender to get local price information.

We are still aiming to release a playable update at the end of February, and so far everything goes smooth.

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