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Custom Battle And Campaign Mode Update v1.21

New features updated in v1.21:

Campaign Mode:

-In addition to the original Classic Battle, three new campaigns are available upon new games: Rise of Atov, Conquest to Unite a Land, and Three War Parties.

-In addition to the original Classic Battle, two new special campaigns are available upon new games: A Continent of Chaos and Challenge Mode.

Note: choosing a new campaign provides fresh game experience with different gaming stages and environments, as well as a new strategy.

Custom Battle:

-A Quick Game option is added at the campaign mode. This option allows players to customize and start a battle directly.

-In a Quick Game, players are allowed to customize a battle. Battle type including: City Offense & Defense, Village Breakthrough, Annihilation, Field Encounter, Stronghold Annihilation, are available. Environment options including: mountain, snow, forest, desert, are available. Other options including factions, troops, class and time of the day are available.

Note: Famous Battles are available at the Quick Game mode. By choosing well-known battles in the game, players are allowed to further explore their companions’ backstories, through fighting on their side. These battles come with default factions, troops, location and time of the day. Players can jump directly to the fight and steer the battlefield, after choosing the class.


- Gambling is added to each city, in the Bar. Each lottery draw cost a few coins. Rewards will be added to the Inventory.

Black Market:

-Remake the Black Market. Remove uncommon weapons from the Black Market. More powerful Customized Weapons are added to the Black Market. Upon each entering, players are allowed to choose one Customized Weapon, with enhanced features.

-Other items from the former Black Market are available at the Merchant.

Note: Enhanced features include: Damage, Capacity, Accuracy, Firing Rate, Velocity, Projectile Amount, and Bullet Versatility. These combinations make Customized Weapons more powerful, so pick with patience.

Steam Achievement:

-Steam Achievement is now available. Upon accomplishing a game achievement will unlock a Steam Achievement.


-HMG are equipped with 50Cal ammo now.

Bugs Fix:

-Enemy soldiers now DO NOT “occasionally move faster in the battle”.

-Some Companions' preference now matches the gifts. Good for them.

-Accepting a Faction Companion's quest will not cause an uncontrollable situation now.

-AI construction will not exceed Land Limit now. Stop CHEATING, AI!


-Modeling and Action of R1895 Revolver.

-Some text.


-The quick game button will always be clickable now.

-The last two items in gambling will be shown correctly now.

-Campaign Name Localization will not be lost when starting a campaign.

Highlights of Next Update:

Optimizing the game's art effect.

Balancing soldiers to reduce the level effect and increase the challenge.

Balancing enemy troops in the field.

Remaking maps of Field Battle.

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