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Big update v0.160

Hi everyone,

We finally finished this big update!

We have completely reworked the squad system. You can fully customize your squads and the single unit of your squad, including their weapons and clothes. And we have extended the infantry squad to a maximum of 9 people.

We also reworked the world map, improved combat AI, character attributes and tried to polish gameplay in general. We didn't include the artillery in this update because we still need more time to test this function.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to load your previous game due to a large number of fundamental improvements to the game's core system.

Change Notes:

-Full squad customization: units, squad name, icon.

-Create new custom squad.

-Full unit customization(Change weapons, armor, and clothes).

-Unit Rank System.(The level of a unit).

-Canceled the squad refilling system.(replaced by full squad customization)

-Companions equipment can only be changed in Party panel.

-Extended squad population to 9 people.

-Tweaked the appearance of most troops.

-Canceled the enemy direction indicator.(more tactics)

-Added 1 small skirmish map for combat less than 20 people.

-Character system(The original skill system).

-World map overhaul(Satellite-based).

-World map FPS Optimization.

-Improved combat AI.

-Fixed all guns scopes.

-Improved bolt-action animation.

-Escort mission fixed.

-Added Hit marker.

-You can choose to hire only a part of a squad.

-The game doesn't automatically pause on the world map (wip)

-Fixed a large number of bugs and improved game balance.

Focuses of the next few updates:

-Bug fixes.

-Finalize the artillery system.

-Improve town combat and maps.

-Start localizing the game in a few languages.


-On the Party window, Right-click the unit icon to show unit info.

-Left-click to remove a unit from the squad.

-You can give any equipment to soldiers to replace their own but if they die the issued equipment will be lost.

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4 Kommentare

19. Apr. 2018

THANK YOU guys, i've been playing now for like six hours in a row! I'm soooooo happy, you woudn't believe it! I hope you enjoy this massive sucess, the game is awesome!!! This page is on refresh like for two weeks, and I almost pissed myself with this post.

And now for some feedback:

- I LOVE this squad customization. I spent some time rearranging, renaming and taking off the bandanas and balaclavas, as my soldiers are fighting for freedom, so they'd never hide their faces! I have my red guard with submachine guns, a lot of rifle-only squads from different origins, it's a blast! BUT, then again, I'd like to really fully costumize them. Even if that's enough for…

Gefällt mir

So fast ! Can't wait .

-The game doesn't automatically pause on the world map (wip)

But this is not good .

Gefällt mir

KK Game Studio
KK Game Studio
19. Apr. 2018

@ThuleanRex Thank you!

Gefällt mir

19. Apr. 2018

This is just awesome, you guys are a doing great work.

Gefällt mir
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