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Version 1.1 changelog

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

New features:

-Added back ragdolls.

-Alpha Forces invasion: After you dominated the world, a powerful new faction will arrive and commence a massive invasion. Be prepared for the last fight!

-Added Auto Resolve function. You can engage the enemy without entering the battle (but you cannot capture generals in this way).

-New interactive tutorial. An interactive guide can help you learn the game faster. It will be triggered when you start a new game and it can be skipped. (The completion of the guide will receive additional rewards)

-New character preset options: some character presets will start with a city or a companion.

-Three new weapons: Uzi, Thompson, and M4A.

-You can use smoke grenades to cover your actions.

-First-person arms in combat will have different looks based on your outfit.

-On the strategy map you can use F1-F7 buttons to quickly select squad and F8 to select all squads.

-Modified information about weapons, armor, and wearable equipment.

-Partial gamepad support and key mapping can be set up in settings (In combat only).

-Added Keys and gamepad guide.

Balance Changes:

Reduced weapon proficiencies' influence on damage.

Adjusted amount of money and experience gained after the battle.

Adjusted player's Skills Points. Now you will have one free point to add to skill points after every two levels.

Player's Training skill will give your army much more bonus in gaining experience.

Gun Adjustments:

Adjusted handling of M416,M16A5,SCAR-L,VT14,MK14,SVD,PKM,HMG,MINI24 , reduced recoil to improve accuracy.

Changed the MAC ammo type to 9 mm and increased its capacity and rate of fire.

Changed AKS76 ammo to 7.62 mm and reduced its accuracy.

Changed VAL ammo to 9mm.

Reduced recoil of some guns. Increase shotgun, assault rifle, and pistol's accuracy.

Adjusted damage for rifle and machine gun, such as SR100, SSG08, SV95, PKM74, HMG, Mini24, etc.

Adjusted the overall damage of the pistol, increased the accuracy and reduced the price.

Units Adjustments:

Increased companion's growth rate and their hitpoints. Increased companions' visual range.

Adjusted some soldiers' initial health, growth rate, weapon type, weapon proficiency, visual range, and moving speed.

Adjusted some soldiers and companions machine gun proficiency, they can directly use machine guns — for example, Scorpion Assault Troop and Solitary Wolf Scout Unit.

Adjusted Federal Armed Police weapons for shotgun: Shot12

Adjust Federal Assault weapons for the automatic rifle: AK12

Tuning VFA Women Special Police weapon for shotgun: Striker12

Adjusted Spetsnaz weapon for the automatic rifle: M416

Adjusted Solitary Wolf Scout weapon for an assault rifle: UMP9

Adjusted Rattlesnake Special Soldier weapon for machine gun: HMG

Adjust Terrorist weapon for machine gun: PKM74

Props Adjustments:

Adjusted gun attachments, reduced the price of sights and silencers.

Adjusted the price and value of some food.

Adjusted the price of some items, improved trading income.

Some high-level armors and weapons will only appear after the player reached a certain level.

Other Adjustments:

Increased waiting time of reinforcements to join the battle on the world map.

Increased NPC pistol proficiency.

Reduced the difficulty of the village garrison.

Reduced the construction price of city buildings.

Tweaked the formation.

Adjusted soldiers' running speed and fixed some animation speed.

Adjusted UI style, unified text, and buttons.

Bug Fix: Game crashes on certain systems.

Bug Fix: The prisoner UI could not be closed after the battle.

Bug Fix: Some cities have too many prisoners.

Next version's highlights:

We are about to finish and upload the Modding tool.

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