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Version 0.191 Uploaded

Change Notes:

-Added FOV slider

-Added cheat to reset player location(if you are stuck in water or mountain, etc)

-Increased quest time limit

-Improved loot drop

-Improved auto-resolve

-Reduced garrison troop salary to 50%

-ARF specops holding weapon backwards

-World camera max distance increased.

-Bug Fix: Party doesn't gain exp after combat

-Bug Fix: Stuck in water

-Bug Fix: Key-binding for Reload doesn't work

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1 comentário

Marcos Pereira
Marcos Pereira
26 de jun. de 2018

fix the money related stuff as next, please.

shopkeepers need more than $2.500 and they should refill faster. have to pay like $12.500 in wages, have lots of looted items to sell but literaly nobody have money to buy it from me.

the cities do not seem make any money even with buildings on it.

keep the good work, this game is awesome!

love from brazil

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