Update v1.4 | New Maps, Weather System and Artillery!

Hello guerrillas,

We have released the update v1.4 to the main branch!

● Artillery support is probably one of the most anticipated features, so here it is. We have added quadcopters for spotting enemies and attack helicopters with mortars for engaging targets on the ground.

The new weather system will bring a more realistic experience. We have added clouds, rain, thunderstorm, snow, etc.

(At present, the weather system only has corresponding visual performance, and there is no limit to the field of vision or change in the degree of camouflage.)

You can now transfer money into and out of faction.

(To do that, you need to go to the Info menu and choose your faction. In the right part of the window, you will see buttons. You can click them and decide how much money you want to transfer.)

Now the armor and helmet make much more difference, as we have adjusted soldiers' health.

Weapons' power is affected by the kind of ammunition and the length of a barrel, so they feel more diverse now.

Gun handling was regulated as well. The recoil and accuracy are different due to the weapon type.

Improved some gun's sound effects. (WIP)

The seven battlefield maps were remade, so now they are more varied and have a better range of vision. (WIP)