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The Road Ahead

Hi everyone, Thank you very much for such a smooth launch and all the constructive feedback. It increased our squad's morale a lot! At the moment we are focused more on collecting and fixing existing bugs and adding minor features. You will get frequent patches to the game and we will include a changelog for each update. We will try to make each patch as friendly as possible so it won't break your saved game too much.

And the general development roadmap in the near future looks like this. 1. Fixing bugs and glitches. 2. Starting dialog. 3. The commanding system in direct FPS mode. 4. Some side missions. 5. Weapon attachments. 6. Companions 7. TBD

Again we look forward to hearing from you and please don't hesitate to leave an honest and constructive review, it will help us improve the game a lot! Thanks!

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