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The rest of the development work

Hi everyone,

The rest of the development work is divided into three significant steps. First of all, we will spend some time to improve the existing features, which include Soldier Customization System, Town System, Event System, Dialogue System, Combat AI, and World Map Faction AI.

At the same time, we will continue to add features that have not yet been added, including the companion system, companion AI as generals, the game ending, character creation, difficulty options, achievement system, and game tutorials. At the same time, balance game, polish and optimize.

Finally, we will organize our modding tools, such as map editor, gun editor, and tools for editing game data, etc. We will also write detailed tutorials on how to properly make and install mods.

The detailed list is as follows.

- Improving the Soldier Customization System (using medical items and equipping special props such as grenades and first aid kits)

- Optimize and balance the city system, add vassal auto-management function and balance public events.

- Optimize the Combat Command System: Add more combat commands and formation.

- Add tactical items such as binoculars.

- Companion System: Companions such as Anna can be recruited in the city or captured through combat. You can put them in your squad as soldiers, or you can let them lead their own army and become generals/vassals of you. Each companion has different attributes of skills, some are suitable to remain in the ranks as snipers, some are suitable for managing towns, and some are suitable for leading their own army. At the same time, we will also add particular dialogue to each NPC. Conversation with companions will be unlocked based on your relationship with them, which can be gained by talking with them or giving them gifts.

- Dialogue System: We will improve the existing dialogue and add more exciting content.

- Campaign Ending: When the player unifies the mainland, the game will come to an end. Player' companions will also have corresponding ending dialogues.

- Game Beginning Background Story: Here the player needs to decide their initial points and equipment through the form of question and answer.

- World Map Faction AI: We will make the AI actions of other faction in the world more rational and purposeful.

- Difficulty Options

- Achievement System: TBD

- Game Tutorials: At present, we intend to add encyclopedias and pop-up UI tutorials to the game.

- Map Editor: To add and modify combat maps.

- Gun Editor: To add and modify guns and accessories. - Localization: TBD

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