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The Overhaul Is In Development

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Hello everyone! First of all, we are sorry that the game development was postponed. Our company was going through bankruptcy, and it took us a while to admit it and put ourselves back together after such a hit. All this time, we were thinking and planning how we are going to fix Freeman. During the development process, the game gradually drifted away from our original idea because new members joined and the hierarchy of power shifted. But now, only the most original members of KK will be working on the Freeman remake, and we are confident that we will bring a satisfying final result to you.

Currently, we are finalizing the design, and once we are done with that, we will share it with you. The overhaul will be put to the test build first, and then eventually will be out to the main build. The previous (current) main build will be kept as a separated branch at that moment,

All the best, KK

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Feb 24, 2021

Glad to have you all back! Looking forward to seeing what you come with :) <3


You guys should make a YouTube video about what happened, because the power shift sounds incredibly interesting.

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