PREVIEW by Save or Quit

By Zorder, Save or Quit

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare is quite possibly one of the boldest endeavors to ever appear on Steam Early Access. Why? You might ask… Well, because it is attempting to take the Mount & Blade formula and adapt it to a modern-day setting. So, does it succeed?


I am a big fan of first-person shooters, not only because the first games that I have ever played were Doom and Quake II, but also because within this genre there is quite a lot of diversity, even though a lot of it has been washed away in recent years thanks to major publishers dumbing down some of the most beloved franchises. Now, I like Mount & Blade, but I have to admit that I don’t really enjoy it as much as others that have spent countless hours throughout the entire series. Still, when I first saw this game on the Steam store, I was like “This is it, how could no one ever thought of this before?! It’s brilliant!”.

Now, if you have never played, or if you’re not familiar with the concept of the Mount & Blade, I’ll just go ahead and explain what it really consists of. You take on the role of a leader of a new faction that is fighting in a war of what seems to be an imaginary country located somewhere in Eastern Europe. At first, you only have a small group of followers, and both you and them are pretty ill-equipped and lacking all sorts of resources, but as you play the game, you will be able to increase your army size as well as boast all sorts of heavy weapons, armor, and even control your towns that will help your war effort.

Currently, the game offers a campaign mode where your final objective is to capture and hold 10 towns in total, while also having defeated three of the major enemy factions. However, this is no easy feat, as you have to work quite a lot just to reach the point where you can actually successfully take one of the less defended towns. First of all, do not be deceived by the game’s screenshots or any kind of footage that you might see online, as the game isn’t all about shooting, there is a strong aspect of resource management. For instance, your army needs to be fed, and you also have to pay them a salary, so you can’t really give yourself the luxury of doing nothing or just keep on spending all the money that you gain on the best equipment for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best player out there when it comes to first-person shooters, you can’t single-handedly take down an entire enemy army.