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By Billy D, One Angry Gamer

KK Game Studio announced that as they near the finish line for the strategic first-person shooter game, Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare, they wanted to inform gamers that there’s a new update coming down the pipeline that will add free modding support to the game.

At the moment it’s still in Early Access, after originally entering into Steam’s developmental branch last year on February 1st, 2018.

According to the developers they have plans on graduating from Early Access before the first quarter of 2019 is out. In the meantime, they want to implement modding into the first-person strategy shooter. This was revealed by a very basic post from KK Game Studio’s Tina, who wrote in a Steam update on February 22nd, 2019

“We are excited to announce upcoming native modding support for Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare which has been hugely demanded by the community. We are doing our best to make modding as friendly as possible so that even people without any experience can mod the game and share their creations with others.”

As mentioned, we don’t have a time frame on when the modding tools will be implemented into the game, but the update is apparently coming down the pipeline soon.

This will help with developing new content and scenarios for the game, in addition to what the developers already have in place.

In fact, the developers describe the game as a mix of Mount & Blade meets Arma 3, two games that are well known for their modding communities. You can see what the gameplay in Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare is like with the gameplay video below from SplatterCatGaming.

When they said the game was like Mount & Blade you probably literally didn’t expect an overworld map that was identical to TaleWorlds’ title, did you?

Well, the game sees you in charge of your own militia group as you start off with minimal resources and attempt to fight through an occupied territory battling against enemy factions, bandits, and raiders as everyone is attempting to take control of the region.

The game’s item acquisition and maintenance is very similar to Jagged Alliance, where you’ll need the right kind of ammo for the right kind of weapons, and you’ll need to balance supplies, weight, and resources throughout your travels. The actual combat, however, veers closer to Arma 3, where weapon handling, tactical maneuvers, and squad-based strategies are a must if you want to come out on the winning side.

So far gamers are enjoying the non-linear gameplay and hardcore simulation elements present in Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare. The developers are taking feedback seriously and working hard to improve the overall compatibility and play functions. You can learn more about the game by hitting up the Steam store page, where it’s currently available for $14.99.

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