Mount & Blade meets Arma 3 in Upcoming Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare

Written by Norm

Freeman: Guerilla Warfare Promises Large-Scale Tactical Warfare on PCs

Strategy games offer players the chance to be the general, conquering the world, defeating enemies in battle, and taking new spoils and territories along the way.  First-person shooter games give players the chance to be a foot soldier on the ground, working together with compatriots to overcome obstacles to defeating the enemy.

A new game coming to early access in January promises to combine the best of both of those game types.

Want a game that combines the best of Mount & Blade and Arma in the guise of an open sandbox role playing game? Then you need look no further than KK Studios upcoming game, Freeman: Guerilla Warfare.

KK Studios is an indie video game studio focused on unique open-world adventure games.

Upcoming first-person shooter from KK Game Studio, Freeman: Guerilla Warfare, promises players a dynamic and one-of-a-kind combination of tactical strategy game, fps, and world conquest game all in one amazing game. Since it is arriving soon for early access, January 18, 2018 to be exact, we thought we’d delve into what makes this game so compelling and special with an interview with the development team.