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Mount & Blade meets Arma 3 in Upcoming Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare

Written by Norm

Freeman: Guerilla Warfare Promises Large-Scale Tactical Warfare on PCs

Strategy games offer players the chance to be the general, conquering the world, defeating enemies in battle, and taking new spoils and territories along the way.  First-person shooter games give players the chance to be a foot soldier on the ground, working together with compatriots to overcome obstacles to defeating the enemy.

A new game coming to early access in January promises to combine the best of both of those game types.

Want a game that combines the best of Mount & Blade and Arma in the guise of an open sandbox role playing game? Then you need look no further than KK Studios upcoming game, Freeman: Guerilla Warfare.

KK Studios is an indie video game studio focused on unique open-world adventure games.

Upcoming first-person shooter from KK Game Studio, Freeman: Guerilla Warfare, promises players a dynamic and one-of-a-kind combination of tactical strategy game, fps, and world conquest game all in one amazing game. Since it is arriving soon for early access, January 18, 2018 to be exact, we thought we’d delve into what makes this game so compelling and special with an interview with the development team.

The player will assume the role of a military commander and raise money, build an army, engage the enemy in combat, attack new territories, defend currently held territories, and ultimately dominate the world.  The gameplay operates on two levels: the overworld map and the first-person shooter portion of the game.

In the overworld view, the player can visit locations, trade goods for money, upgrade existing equipment, lay siege to towns, accept missions, and more. There will be a huge emphasis on building the kinds of immersive systems that draw players into the role of being a commander. Towards this end the role playing game elements and open-world sandbox style gameplay elements will combine to create a gaming world that will leave even the most jaded gamer addicted.  When the player engages the game in fps mode, the style switches and places the player in the role of a soldier on the ground.

Tina from KK Game Studio describes the game in an interview with us as: “It is more like Mount & Blade and Arma combined. In the strategy portion, the player roams on the world map, visiting various locations, trading, raising funds, upgrading equipment, accepting missions, and engaging enemy field armies or siege towns. In the FPS portion, the player enters the battlefield and lead the army to combat in first person view.”

The team is thinking about multiplayer and cooperative play but so far is focused on the single player experience and making sure it is perfect for launch. With early access right around the corner, polishing up the epic single player experience is the focus of most dedicated development teams, KK Studios being among them.

In addition to the core function, the immersive aspect of the game is being hyped up as the developers at KK Studios really want the player to genuinely feel like they are commanders of major armies. A special emphasis has been placed on making massive battles feel realistic and compelling.

Tactics in the overworld will be just as in-depth in the fps mode, with things like terrain really making a difference in how combat plays out and what decisions you should make as a commander. This aspect may remind players of the impact terrain can have on combat in Mount & Blade where different terrain types can have a huge impact on how battles play out.  A highly developed AI, coupled with realistic sound effects and graphics, will help draw the player into the world as well as help convey important tactical information that can impact the course of battle.

The game’s emphasis on role playing game elements is what will truly set it apart from other first person shooter games according to developer KK Studios. Adding RPG elements to different genres in various fusion combinations is all the rage these days, and Freeman: Guerilla Warfare looks set to capitalize on this gaming trend with a magnificent combination of compelling gameplay elements from a cross a variety of genres.

In the spirit of Mount & Blade and Arma, the game will also encourage streaming and developing an avid gamer community online. The strategy elements easily lend it to being clipped for YouTube and fodder for streaming on Twitch.

According to the developer’s presskit, “We always want to develop a tactical shooter that is not only focused on combat, but also on other aspects such as logistic, strategy, tactics and freedom to interact with the world. In general, we want to mix a realistic tactical shooter with a sand-box RPG which can bring you fun from a lot of different areas for example trading, combat, commanding, conquering and etc.”

Early access can’t come soon enough if you’re like me and can’t get enough strategy and first-person shooters in your life. Stay tuned for January 2018 and get ready to join the hordes setting out to carve their own slice of territory out in Freeman: Guerilla Warfare from KK Studios.

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