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Huge update! Version 0.80 is out!

Hi everyone,

We have finally released version 0.80. So lets sum up the differences between the last build the current one.

1. Improved combat AI: AI units looking for covers and high-grounds, more sneaky and can flank you from all sides. We are still working to make combat more tactical.

2. Improved graphics. More detailed textures, lighting, better detailed environments, etc.

3. Remade all maps to fit the new combat system and graphic style.

4. Remade all squads and soldiers. And redefined their loadouts and stats.

5. More in-depth city management system. 

6. Better city siege/defence mechanism: You need to capture flags  during siege and defend your flags during defence.

7. Added interactive locations on the map such as villages, bandit camps, mines and etc. 

8. Event system that can trigger many game events such as random bandit camps appear on the world map.

9. Deeper diplomacy system that allows AI factions to dynamically wage war on each other, bribe you or ask you for tribute. 

10. Ability to join combat.

11. Added new weapons, clothes and items.

12. Remade UI.

13. Improved sound effects.

14. New faction: Valkyrie Female Army.

Many systems are totally new and still need to go through significant amount of tests. And we will keep working on that. Here is some before and after pictures:

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