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What we are working on for the next update | Optimization and Improvements

Hello, guerrillas, we want to share with you our progress for the future update: ● Now we have a better weather system. We added rain, storm, and adjusted lighting during the night. This will bring a more immersive experience for your gameplay.

Fixed the map borders to ensure enemies do not appear on the edge of the map.

Optimized the graphic quality, made the game package smaller in file size. Now the game loads quicker.

Optimized effect of the smoke grenades. Improved the frame rate.

Optimized the handling of guns. Made guns closer to the real experience, and also increased the technical requirements.

Optimized the skirmish maps, reduced the complexity of the terrain, which makes it easier to spot the enemy and better use of strategy.

Optimized the pop-up prompt after asking for help from friendly forces.

Added more bunkers and fortifications to villages and cities, this will make defense easier and siege more difficult.

Some sound effects are replaced by more realistic ones.

Optimized some UI performance, made the style clearer. Thanks to everyone for your support and kind words! We really appreciate it 💚

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