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Update V0.194

Change Notes:

-Female squad voice(will be activated when the first member of the squad is a female)

-Better sniper scope.

-Enemy spawns closer to the player during a combat(reduced combat map size)

-Added 1 more desert map.

-Added 1 more mountain map.

-Bug Fix: Enemy spawn in water.

-Bug Fix: After purchasing a building, the same building will appear in all other towns.

-Bug Fix: Player total kills statistic resets every time after load the game.

-Bug Fix: Need to pay your men every time after load the game.

-Bug Fix: Cheat reset player location function will pull you into the ocean.

-Bug Fix: LN91 T1 has no scope.

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1 Comment

Xll Div
Xll Div
Jul 07, 2018

Help me pls I was testing this game from it's beggining and now I switched my opereting syster from Windows 10 to Ubuntu 16.04 .There is playonlinux program that can help to lunch windows ups under Ubuntu but I don't know how to configure it.Can some one help

I can install steam under playonlinux and then install the game but it does not lunch pls help

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