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Patch v0.111 Uploaded

Change Notes:

1. Bug Fix: Gun jam

2. Bug Fix: City menu pop up during the combat and can’t be closed

3. Bug Fix: Inventory text overlapping

4. Bug Fix: Keybinding menu can’t scroll down

5. Bug Fix: RPG won’t explode

6. Bug Fix: Empty hand when reloading RPG

7. Bug Fix: Cannot enter Gorinka

8. Bug Fix: Fall through terrain when leaving the battlefield

9. Bug Fix: Offset Scopes(AR41)

10. Difficulty slider will also influence damage taken by friendly units

11. Fire Mode indicator

Some of the suggestions/bug reports may be missed because we are still improving our bug reporting workflow. If you got any serious problem with the game(Crash, unable to start, etc) and need immediate assistance please join our discord and contact our moderators or staff.

Have a good day!

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1 Comment

Daniel kul
Daniel kul
Feb 10, 2018

Just saying, I'm watching a lot of videos on Youtube about the game and I really would like to get it, however, I don't like the fact that it costs so much for the weapons, seeing that Sniper rifles cost 10000-20000 credits, as shown in some, so I'd like to ask, if it is possible to make looting hostile bodies while still on the battlefield, just to make it more realistic, seeing how anyone can just go up and pick up guns. Keep up the good work. I'm gonna get this game ASAP. (spelling edit)

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